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Posted By lemin.

A trifecta of talent, lemin. is a singer, songwriter, and producer. She put all her talents to work on her debut project, “hold A”.

“hold A” consists of 12 songs, currently being released in 3 acts. hold A: act 1 was released in October of 2018. Each act represents a post-break up stage: heartbreak, anger, and acceptance.

Born and raised in London, Ontario, and residing in Toronto, lemin. writes about personal experiences. She champions raw authenticity and individuality.

Listening to her music it is clear that lemin. draws inspiration from a variety of musical genres, from singer/songwriter to RnB, electronic to classical music. In her words, “I want to create something that people haven’t heard before. I want to move others, and inspire them to create.”

Instagram/Twitter - @itslemin

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