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hi. i am Bri. i am singer/songwriter from a small town in Colorado and now i live in big city LA. if you're reading this, i'm glad you want to get to know me. but i know you have other stuff to do so i'll keep it short and sweet. i have been singing and writing music for as long as i can remember being a conscious human being. it started out on the piano and the guitar which i taught myself around age 10. i used songwriting to get through high school, whether than was journaling about a 16 year old boy that broke my heart or writing songs to memorize my math homework. all i knew is this: i loved to create music. then, i went to Syracuse University and was in the Bandier Program, which is for music industry studies. i wanted to be a pop star, so i wanted to learn the industry first. when i wasn't in class, i was writing and recording in my dorm room "studio" - that's where i started collabing with DJ's and producers from around the world. this is when i released all of my EDM features, like "Why Do I?" after being an EDM top liner all of college, i graduated and started writing original music. then I dropped "Hazy", my first original song. it's about anxiety, which i have struggled with since i was 16. i'm sure a lot of you can relate. now, as i craft this bio, i about to release my third song ever, "I Want It Like That." it's a pop-banger about wanting to be in love. lol. but hey, don't we all? anyways thanks for reading and i hope you love the new song. <3 bri