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‘Act Like’ The new Neo-Soul single from YodaDrunk boldly brings together the acoustic format with the darkness that the produced, electronic synth world brings. The lyrics describe the veil of pretence that takes over in the aftermath of relationships where in we find it easier to act like we’re alright, despite knowing that, that isn't the case & that we need time to heal. Act like catches you in that lie and acts as a friend to those who have experienced this feeling. 
Yohan Marshall a.k.a YodaDrunk, is a composer, vocalist & multi-instrumentalist who is based in Mumbai, India. Marshall has travelled the world performing, collaborating & creating music since he was fifteen & has always been big on live performances. An astute representation of modern music, YodaDrunk takes inspiration from Neo-soul, TrIp-Hop & Bass heavy music. yohanmarshall@gmail.com Mumbai.India.2021.