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Danish singer-songwriter Christina Gammeltoft records and produces her music in her studio in Jutland, Denmark. All of her songs are deeply personal, rooted in her own experiences as a highly sensitive person in a sometimes chaotic world. Her biggest dream is for her music to bring hope, comfort and strength to anyone who might need it. She is deeply inspired by nature and the passing of the seasons and she often finds musical inspiration for her songs directly in the enchanting forests and the unique landscapes of Djursland. Gammeltofts music is mainly acoustic folk fusion with a vintage vibe. One of her goals is to keep

the listener engaged until the last beat and always provide songs full of life and progression and packed with ear candy. She tries to put the listener on a musical as well as a personal journey towards unknown destinations. Reoccurring themes throughout her songs are inner change, personal development and finding the strength to overcome internal and external obstacles.