Andreas Loh


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    Meditation I
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    Meditation III
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    Himmel auf Erden
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    Morning Circle
When Esh Loh starts playing the piano it becomes quiet and intense at the same time. In his playing he explores inner landscapes and transforms them into sounds, into beautiful melodies and powerful, densely woven sound carpets.
His music is imbued with emotional depth, passion and absolute devotion to the moment. It allows inner images to emerge and the inexhaustible expressions of the music to be experienced directly.
For Esh, music is more than a string of beautiful sounds. For him, music is the strongest expression of an all-pervading power. Whoever has seen him live once, can experience a concert becoming an emotional and unforgettable event.
Esh Loh is pianist, drummer and composer and one of the most famous yoga teachers in Germany. Listen to his compositions and improvisations, close your eyes, open your ears and put your heart on receiving. Because that's what it's all about - taking the music on a journey to the innermost part of the human being - to oneself. »hypnotic and breathtaking music played with extraordinary depth and soul«


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