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Afraid of Destiny is an Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal band located in Treviso, Italy. Originally founded in 2012 by Adimere as a solo project, the band has seen a few lineup changes until today. Since 2019 the band consists of Adimere (Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals), D.D.T. (Lead Guitars), F.B. (Drums), J.S. (Bass) and R.M. (Vocals). The band begun its live experience in 2016 and through the years they got the chance to share the stage with acts like Vanhelga, Sojourner, Archgoat, Saor, Harakiri for the Sky, Imperium Dekadenz, Forgotten Tomb, Opera IX, Tsjuder, Marduk, and many others. In March 2019 they played around Europe with Eyelessight, Deadspace, and Psychonaut 4 for the "Days of Madness" European tour, touching Germany, France, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic and Austria.