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Prog metal band Noveria was formed in 2014 and released their first record "Risen" through Scarlet Records the same year. The debut album was chosen Best Metal Newcomer of the year 2014 by In October 2016 the band released "Forsaken", a concept album on the theory of five stages of grief by dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, through Scarlet Records.The third album "Aequilibrium" is to be released on October 25th on Scarlet Records.The band has toured in different European countries like Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland along with acts like Grave Digger, Evergrey, Astra, Ethernity and Hevidence. Noveria's goal is to create a complete headbanging experience with a melodic twist, combining massive guitar riffs with atmospheric keyboards and technically challenging solos. Main sources of inspiration come from genres like Symphonic, Industrial and Death Metal.Photos by Kathrin Hirzel, Matteo Ermeti and Marco Savi/SPF Produzioni