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“Hold On” is officially out!! Stream it today! Let’s just say It’s a little funky ;-) 
 The name koreyography came to life due to his competitive dancing, tricks, and choreography. Which would later transcend into other fields of entertainment. Before the name Koreyography came to be, Korey Witha K was heavy into sports, music, and education. Although everything is unique in its own, he was fascinated with the idea that everything is still the same, and we are all one. That being said, he took on new challenges that would later be a significant turn for his development as a human being and as an artist. . Music Styles: Classical piano, salsa, hip hop, country, R&B, anime, rock, funk, jazz, etc.. . Dance and body movement styles: Locking, breaking (breakdancing), hip hop choreography, and Tricking! 
 Tricking combines gymnastics and martial arts , and because of its underground nature much like Bboying (breakdancing) it allows originality in movement and freedom to incorporate moves from other arts such as dance, capoeria, “breaking”, and many others. . Korey has been fortunate to be able to train/learn from some of the best in the world, and utilizes all experiences in his music and movements.