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 杨征宇(1990年6月4日),新加坡独立创作歌手。曾在第20届“飞乐时空” 音乐创作比赛中,通过《深夜》这首原创荣获冠军。之后被大石音乐版权签约为专属作者,2016年之后全心投入音乐。 
 Isaac Yong, a Singapore singer-songwriter, has received recognition through various competitions, most notably as the Champion of the Music Xpress Songwriting Competition in 2015, with his original song “Late Night”. Signed as an exclusive songwriter by Touch Music Publishing, Isaac has written and performed originals through live performances and online platforms such as YouTube, Spotify and KKBox. 
 In 2018, Isaac held his first ticketed concert “World Through Our Eyes” organised by ::in music, presented by Esplanade Singapore. In the same year, Isaac had also held an original showcase as part of the "We Are Singer-Songwriters" Series organised by Huayi - Chinese Festival of Art in Esplanade.