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[Alexandros] is a Japanese rock band, signed to RX-Records and managed by UKPM Inc. On 28 March 2014, the band renamed to [Alexandros] from [Champagne] on request from Bureau du Champagne, Japan. On November 28, 2014, it was announced that the band would be signed to Universal Music Japan, starting from their single "ワタリドリ/ Dracula La" that was released in 2015. Subsequent album and singles since 2015 have been released by Universal Music Japan. In 2018, their song "Mosquito Bite" was used as the theme for the live-action film adaptation of Bleach. That same year, the band also contributed the theme song "アルペジオ" and ending theme "Your Song" to the Sega video game Judgment. ■Discography ・Where's My Potato? Released: January 20, 2010 ・I Wanna Go To Hawaii. Released: February 14, 2011 ・Schwarzenegger Released: April 4, 2012 ・Me No Do Karate. Released: June 26, 2013 ・ALXD Released: June 17, 2015 ・EXIST! Released: November 9, 2016 ・Sleepless in Brooklyn Released: November 21, 2018 ・Bedroom Joule Released: June 11, 2020 ・New ALBUM Where's My History? Released: March 17, 2021 ■Band members Yoohei Kawakami (川上 洋平, born June 22, 1982) — vocals, guitar Hiroyuki Isobe (磯部 寛之, born December 29, 1982) — bass guitar, backing vocals Masaki Shirai (白井 眞輝, born December 12, 1982) — guitar Satoyasu Shomura (庄村 聡泰, born March 21, 1984) — drums