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Luzca is an 18 years old DJ, music producer and vocalist from Bottrop, Germany. Who he really is remains a mystery but you can tell that his music has got an unique touch and a special way to connect with the listener. "I don't want music to be just sound and noise. It's so much more than this. Music is about feelings and experiences. I want to share all of this with the listener through my music - because music is always the best way to describe such feelings and experiences with someone else." Luzca got into EDM in 2012 when he was only 9 years old. He started producing on his own in October 2018. Luzca's first track Welcome To The Jungle was already supported by Techno legend Da Hool who's from Bottrop too. "I know life can be hard sometimes. If life gets you down, always remember that there will be better times. Music helped me out in the worst times I've ever had. My goal is to make my music help others who are experiencing similar things. Sometimes people don't have someone who can help - but my music is always there... always there to help them out." I hope you enjoy my music (or whatever you wanna call it)