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LOVIATAR (pronounced low-vye-ah-tar) are a metal band from Canada inspired by the mysteries of ancient mythology. Taking their name from a Scandinavian death goddess, they have been crafting a hypnotic blend of doom and post-metal since 2010.<br><br>"It made me feel like I was an ancient Celt aboard a longboat, furs about my shoulders, sword at my side, wind in my face, and a direwolf at my side."- Ghost Cult Mag "Loviatar is one of the most gifted doom and post metal bands of this decade" - Metal-archives "Loviatar's debut has a seemingly endless amount of stylistic and musical creativity within these compositions and the ending result is that of a immersive and compelling record." - Metal Injection "As a self-titled album, this definitely signals the arrival of an ambitious yet pragmatic band that draws influences from several sub-genres of metal and a handful of world mythologies and it sounds very much like a winning combination." -Heavyblogisheavy 'Loviatar lends itself to be a very immersive concept, beautifully written lyrics and sensational harmonies that really suck you in with pseudo-motifs. Enjoy this record with the volume turned all the way up!" - Itjents<br>