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Singer-songwriter Anna-Kaarina is pushing down barriers of pop music with her beautiful melodies and large dynamic musical arches. Her debut EP ”So Far” featuring her band was released 2/8/2019. It’s a collection of Anna-Kaarina’s favorite songs over the years, the ones she couldn't leave in a desk drawer. Anna-Kaarina published her touching debut single ”Parasite” in 2017. She wrote the song as soon as her friend Laura fell ill with cancer. Anna-Kaarina gave her a diary and Laura started to write. WSOY released a book (Paljain jaloin, Laura Save) posthumously in 2013. In her book Laura made a wish that Anna-Kaarina would perform the song ”Parasite” at her funeral. Anna-Kaarina released the music video "Parasite" in memory of Laura Save at the end of 2017. The second single of the EP ”Our Song” featuring Jussu Pöyhönen was released in 2018. Anna-Kaarina had written the ballad already in 2002. Jussu is particularly known for being the frontman of the band "Suurlähettiläät".

Anna-Kaarina is based in the metropolitan Helsinki area, Finland. She performs with her band, in smaller ensembles and solo. ”So Far” EP is available at many digital platforms. CD album is available at Record Shop X.