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JAMAL CHALABYANI (born on 18 septamber 1990) is an iranian violinist. he started his musical avtivities while he was 11 years old, he started music with Tombak, and began playing guitar at the beginner level. After that, he began to learn the violinist professionally in classic and pop style. In 2005, he won the Best Singles Award for Iranian Students. In 2009, he entered Tabriz University where he managed the Music Center of the University of Tabriz And he had several concerts with singers there. After that, he was a member of the Mukriyan philharmonik Orchestra, and as the Leader, violin players worked with many singers, including Bijan Kamkar. He has also been involved in the studio's recording and recording of many songs with numerous singers including Turkish, Kurdish and Persian singers. In 2016, he entered Farzad Farzin's band as named shock band as solist of violin and had many concerts in all cities of Iran, as well as in Germany, Cyprus and Australia. He also worked with Kurdish singers in 2018, including Hardi Salami and Miran Ali and ivan & Benjamin. He is currently working with the Farzad Farzin group and he is a student at the TEHRAN university(elmi karbordi unit46)