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Gaudion's music is something different and it all stems from a unique taste and background. Growing up in the country Gaudion acquired traits of a simple life, finding value in the small and having hope and belief in the big things. 
 In 2014, Gaudion decided to take a trip to Canada with some friends on a pursuit to find out what the world was really about. They worked on small farms driving tractors in a town called Kyle (population 400). In this place, Gaudion began to teach himself how to sing and play guitar inside a Grain Silo every day after work. 'When I was in that Silo I felt like I had a purpose, I dream't of one day being able to play on a stage in front of people and I dream't of writing music about my journey.' 
 It wasn't until 2019 that Gaudion began showing the world what he was made of. The dream came to life in light of heartache and loss when the livelihood of Gaudion's family was upturned due to the loss of their farm in the harsh Australian drought. 'It was a time when I felt like I didn't really have much left. My whole family was pretty low and life seemed to be quite difficult all of a sudden. I learned from having nothing though, I learned that its okay and I learned that in life joy is within yourself and what you make of you, not what you have because those things change. I'm working hard to find ways to share my story and to help people find their joy in life. Happiness is simple, it's what you make it.' 
 believe in ya self. 
 <3 Gaudion.