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Pillow Dog is a two-piece lofi / garage rock / bedroom pop / indie group. 
 Listening to P I L L O W D O G from Bielefeld/Hanover, Germany consisting of Tim Fischer and Marcel Niebuhr painfully reminds you of the vulnerability of humankind and penetrates at the same time so euphorically into every vein of your body. They both are multi- instrumentalists who sing, write and mainly play guitar. The plant was seeded when they met to write a song that suits both their styles of music back in 2018. The result was their debut single Addict It was more of an attempt to give voice to the indispensable being. Nearly a year passed when they met again. Driven by a feeling of pure inspiration they decided to write more songs which finally end to a creation of an EP. The spirit is made flesh – an EP that transfers a nostalgic feeling called Happy Heart Attack vol.I.