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Rhyot ("riot") is an American-Canadian electronic musician, DJ, and record label head based in Toronto, Canada. Rhyot’s musical themes are often described as cinematic and dystopian, drawing influence from the techno, electro, industrial, and progressive genres of electronica. In early 2018, Rhyot launched his independent imprint, Emercive Recordings, with its debut compilation EP, Converge, Vol. 1. In April 2018, Rhyot's elaborate single “Army of The Dead” released globally with support from the Grammy-nominated Canadian producer, deadmau5. In October 2018, Converge, Vol. 2 topped multiple Beatport release charts, solidifying the label’s position in the market. The series’ third volume, Converge, Vol. 3, released in December 2019 and claimed seven #1 positions on the same charts, out-performing the previous instalment’s impressive achievements. Rhyot followed up Emercive’s successes with his notably scenic concept debut In Ruin EP in February 2020. In October 2020, fellow Toronto producer Barbosa released his Emercive-debut EP, (ra), joined by Rhyot and his remix of "Juárez". In January 2021, the record captured the #1 Indie Dance Releases position on Beatport. In March, Rhyot teamed up with Barbosa once more and released the collaborative Unbound EP, also on Emercive, which climbed to Beatport's #3 Indie Dance Releases. 
 Recent Releases: Aphelion [Heist Mode] Unbound EP "Juárez - Rhyot Remix" on (ra)In Ruin EP "Admonition" on Converge, Vol. 3 "Incurable"