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King Hoodie

King Hoodie

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About this artist

Posted By King Hoodie

(Born Jean-Raymond Jean Philippe: July 27, 1993) is an American Rap

Artist and Songwriter known for his trademark voice and impressive lyricism.

Born in Miami, FL, to a Haitian father and Puerto Rican mother “Hoodie” has

proven that a diverse family life and constant turmoil can be transformed into

masterful lyrics that embody the soul of the “HaveNots”.

As a child, (for reasons unknown until adulthood) Hoodie and his family were constantly being uprooted

from one home to another.

“A blessing because we got to see a lot of different places and people, but a curse

because we really don’t have a place to call home”. Living all across southern

Florida, from Homestead, to Coral Gables, OpaLocka,

Miami Gardens, and

finally settling in North Miami Beach, this artist certainly knows his way around

the city of his roots. Being from a low, to nearly no, income family made growing

up in Miami difficult to say the least for Hoodie. Minor encounters with the law

forced him to attend night schooling

at North Miami Beach Senior High School.

His path to music was inspired by one of his sisters who gave him a composition

notebook at the age of 17 and told him to write down anything he had on his

mind. Taking the opportunity he had been given, he began to write songs and Rap

lyrics and hasn’t put the pen down since. Available Projects Include "Under The Bridge" released in 2015, "T.R.I.P - To Rule In Paradise" Ep Released in August of 2016. and the "Playgrounds" EP Released 2017.

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