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Lary Over is a Latin Trap artist born in the cradle of urban music, Puerto Rico. From the start of the Trap movement in the island, and as it spread across Latin America and the US, the artist positioned himself as one of the pillars and founders of this underground genre that today generates millions for the industry. In just under 2 years, the young composer has created a global movement based on a solid fan base, his unique style, and staying true to his personality. Lary Over showed an inclination for music from an early age, participating as any aspiring singer in the school musical functions. The childhood influences of being raised solely by his mother in an urban neighborhood that at times lacked safety and resources shaped his artistic point of view, and it also helped him remain grounded and focused on his goals.

After signing an exclusive recording deal with the independent record label, Carbon Fiber Music in 2016, Lary Over released international hit songs like “Diabla Remix”, “Si Te Busco” “Medusa” and “Solo”, which helped him build a strong fan base. Today, over 2 million fans support the “joker” movement. “Tu Me Enamoraste”, “A Ella Le Encanta”, and “Snapchat” are just a few of the songs that gained him recognition in the streets early on. Lary Over kicked off 2018 with a successful tour in Europe, and the release of his highly anticipated debut album set for March 2 titled “El Wason BB”, a true statement to the movement of this energetic showman.