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Billy Momo is New roots music. Eclectic and innovative indie music with folk and roots flavors. What is New Roots music? Well, there are roots in here, just not like you may know them. Billy Momo are deeply rooted, just not in any specific geography. It’s the way of the world in this day and age, aint it? They love the swamp music, the hillbilly music, the gypsy music, the tundra music, the jungle music, the cold pine forrest music, the concrete and skyscraper music. They love it all.

Billy Momo has all the love and admiration for our musical ancestors, but no respect for tradition or genres. The music is hand crafted, of the finest quality and also innovative, gritty as hell and always unique. It is rooty for sure, but always new. 
 Billy Momo was born in 2007 as a duo. Now a 7-piece band. Billy has three full-length albums, one EP out and another full-length album on the way. You may have heard the single ”Wishing aint no sin” on the radio or in the TV series ”Better call Saul” (prequel to ”Breaking bad”). 
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