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Wolter Bosch is a musician pur sang: music is in his DNA. For years, he has been active in all kinds of bands, in which heavy, overdriven guitar sound was the common denominator. From being frontman of Utrecht based metal band Intrusion, to lead guitarist in Black Sabbath tribute Sack Blabbath, metal and rock were always the dominant form. The year 2020 marks a turning point in his musical career. With the release of 'Fill the Cracks With Gold' he unleashes his first solo record upon mankind. For the first time, metal or hardrock are hard to find. As a solo artist, his style can best be described as 'singer-songwriter': soft, introspective and melancholic, sometimes folky, acoustic rock songs fill his first record. Dark, emotional music to really listen to and to make you dream away. It is the ultimate soundtrack to that late autumnal feeling.