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Trent Rush is an LGBTQIA+ artist originating from Dallas, Texas. His debut record entitled “Thank You. Please. I Love You. I’m Sorry.” combines rock and pop elements inspired by bands like The Strokes, The 1975, Coldplay, and many more. It’s a combination of youthful energy and out-of-control rock with the engaging melodies and colors of modern pop. Lyrically, he exposes the hardships of growing up in a stifling environment that didn't accept creative and LGBTQIA+ people. But yet, highlights the beauty of becoming who you want to become, regardless of the constant pressure to adhere to the norm. A soon-to-be queer icon amongst LGBTQIA+ artists. From fronting his band The Wild Frontiers to playing artistically driven solo shows, Trent Rush shows a fire on stage and in the studio that never dies. Burning his way through the industry through impeccable live performance, down-to-earth yet obscure songwriting, and a make it or break it attitude both in the studio and on the road.