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KUSTOM KULTURE AMERICANA NOIR “Skinners Cage” immediately cast a spell … outrageous instrumentation, traditional blunt-edged blues and country elements embedded in gray somber stories that would perfectly match Tim Burton’s films. A great discovery!” – Jonas Monter

( “Relentless, film noir-inspired, Dracula-awaking grooves” - Beatroute Magazine “A blend of Jack White blues, calliope-style cello, thumping drums and banshee wails” – Americana UK “Headless Fowl is extremely cool” – Jello Biafra “With Skinners Cage, Bates and company have taken their sound from southern-gothic Americana to something approaching a mutant hybrid of postpunk and Weimar Republic cabaret. Consider that the Noirchestra recorded Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill’s “Moon of Alabama” for this LP—a midnight-exorcism version that will make you want to throw your copy of The Doors onto a Samhain bonfire. So, yes, this music will make perfect sense in Köln and Dresden, and it might make sense to you too, if you’ve ever wished Jeffrey Lee Pierce had lived long enough to make the cabaret-noir record you always knew he had in him.” - Georgia Straight