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Lolita's latest single is titled, "Piraña."

The song is about the neo-liberal social economic conditions in many South American countries and regions that produce circumstances where street kids must become like “Pirañas” to survive. The street kids come together in solidarity and they survive by means of hustling in the streets, pick-pocketing or even violently robbing people. The use of the word “Piraña” acts as a visual representation of the simultaneous harshness & beauty of these street kids. Lolita also released "Toda Mi Gente (Remix),[ft. Big Samir of The Reminders]," in early 2020. It’s a Spanglish pop song about police brutality. The song weaponizes joy through pop music and puts it to use in the fight for social justice. Lolita is currently working on releasing more music. You can stay up to date on her latest music, videos, events, & more by following her on social media @lolitaworldwide & visiting her website at