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Niclas Lundin has made quite a name for himself over the last few years, having close to 130 songs released by artists in over 20 countries with more than 50 of them as singles and now he’s also taken the step into the artist world by releasing his own music as solo artist. With his very intimate nerve and unique sound, Niclas has a voice that makes you really feel something when you hear it. Many of the songs come out of going through some of the hardest and some of the most amazing times of his life and they are all part of something Niclas wants to share from the depths of his heart. Niclas has penned his songs together with amazing writer colleagues from Sweden, UK and USA including the Songwriters Hall Of Fame Nominee Randy Goodrum, the award winning songwriter Scott Krippayne and the Swedish artist on the rise Andreas Moe. Many of the songs are produced, mixed and mastered by Niclas himself with the help of a handful of select musicians and music professionals to realise the soundscapes that Niclas has envisioned. If you know international artists in the likes of Martin Garrix, Dada Life, Andreas Moe, James LaBrie (Dream Theatre), Rick Springfield, Eric Saade, Namie Amuro and SHINee (just to name a few), you are likely to have heard songs that Niclas has written. Now the time has come to hear Niclas tell his own stories in his very own way. Enter his Rain Clouds...