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Inspiration, hope, joy and comfort. Mystery, alienation and longing. The gamut of human emotions is explored in Arash Behzadi’s vibrant piano compositions, an instrument he describes as an allegory for life itself in its wide tonal range of expression. Arash is an exciting new international talent - a Canadian/Persian New Age pianist/composer with a global following. His concerts have captivated audiences worldwide in an eclectic range of venues from Bali to New York, Dubai to Istanbul, Naples Italy to Moscow and Geneva to Toronto. His dynamic improvisational technique was first showcased in his debut album, With Closed Eyes, with its dreamy sense of mysterious yearning, intricate and exciting, yet calming and freeing. Passionate love, personal loss, prescient dreams and healing journeys are all central to the powerful musical narratives in his second album, Elsewhere. Soul to Soul, his latest release, reflects upon the human condition during these times of unprecedented global upheaval, delivering lengthy contemplative pieces in which listeners can seek solace as they ponder the ambiguities of life’s unknowns. Arash’s musical path is one that introduces fresh interpretations of minimalist music yet is rich with evocative visual metaphors incorporating the interplay of dance, theatrical performance, film and animation. “The piano mirrors existence in all its complexities from moments of profound sadness and loss to exhilaration and new beginnings,” he says.