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A unique trio influenced by folk, jazz and the singer-songwriter tradition. From the Stavanger region, in the southwest of Norway. Randi is known for her warm, distinctive voice. It carries a dualistic mix; strong and fragile at the same time. She has a strong presence and an honest way of communicating with her audience. Her songwriting is a natural continuation of this. Together with the great musicians Dag Vagle and Erlend E. Aasland, she has formed Randi Tytingvåg Trio. They have found their own, very calm flow, celebrating the sound of voices and strings. They perform around one mic; in the oldfashioned, heartfelt way! No backline or monitors needed. They stand out as a unique little chamber orchestra with a wide dynamic range. The poet Helge Torvund is another important part of this soundscape.

Helge and Randi’s collaboration on lyrics is truly an inspiring, genuine flow. Randi Tytingvåg Trio have been touring in Norway, Germany and Austria on a regular basis for many years. They have received great response to their albums and concerts. Randi Tytingvåg: vocals Dag Vagle: guitar, vocals, backing vocals Erlend E. Aasland: tenor guitar, banjo, mandola, backing vocals www.tytingvaag.no