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Mato Grosso is an alternative/indie rock band from Athens, Greece. Members are: Aris Siafas - Vocals Alexandra Koniak - Vocals (guest) Alexandros Dandoulakis - Guitar Nikos Vittis - Guitar Yannis Papadopoulos - Keyboards Giannis Voutsinas - Bass George Kasavetis - Drums Mato Grosso (“Thick Bushes”) is one of the states of Brazil, largely covered with Amazon rainforest, wetlands and savanna plains. The band chose the name in support of a court decision in 2012 that suspended the construction of a dam in the Brazilian Amazon, a project that seriously threatens the livelihoods of indigenous tribes in the area of Sete Quedas (“Seven Waterfalls”), an area that is considered sacred for the Kayabi, Mundurucu and Apiaká peoples.