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"Brasserie or bull, run from Paris to Pamplona, but you can't escape yourself moving from one place to another." These words inspired by Hemingway’s classic novel, The Sun Also Rises, were all too poignant for David John Hogg, who writes and performs under the moniker Native Culture. Hogg drew unsettling parallels between Hemingway's characters on the endless journey for fulfillment and his own story as a discontent expatriate in a modern-day lost generation as he moved 5,000 miles to southern Italy in search of the elusive “dolce vita.” But he would soon discover that a dream realized doesn’t eliminate the realities of the dream, making way for the theme of Native Culture’s latest single. After 20 years abroad, Hogg has ironically ended up right back where he started in his home country of Scotland, coming to terms with the unavoidable truths of life and making peace with himself. It’s not all familiar territory, however, as Hogg branches out as a solo artist for the first time. But with a recent Netflix placement and a promising individual debut, this next chapter is sure to be a page turner.