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The STARLIGHT project was born in September 2018 as a tribute Band of the Finnish Nightwish, Symphonic Metal group, characterized by the union of classical-orchestral symphonic music with heavy metal to which is added the lyrical voice typical of the opera. While always remaining within the stylistic canons of the genre, in their songs the band has added or modified important elements of this sound, creating an excellent musical combination of three styles with particular characteristics: heavy metal music, symphonic arrangements, female opera voice . Style is the main feature of STARLIGHT Italians Nightwish; the elegance in the composition, the subtle baroque style is combined with remarkable neoclassical nuances, bringing euphony and pathos to the highest levels. The vocal parts are embellished with an absolutely unique voice and all expertly mixed with a sharp but never excessive guitar work that creates situations of euphonic / groove / power alternation.