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Taxi Joe are a British rock band, founded by guitarist Joe Acres, drummer Louis Morgan and bassist Devid Dell’Aiera after Joe had a massive concussion. Their sound draws from a range of influences including the likes of Oasis, The Rolling Stones and Queens of the Stone Age, with audiences likening their music to Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes and T-Rex. The band are constantly writing new material and self-produce their own music and videos. This has led to global coverage on independent radio stations, blogs and landed them a place on TIDAL’s most listened playlist in Spain. Their single, ‘Pain’ was used by IMAX on a behind-the-scenes exclusive for JJ Abrams' movie, ‘Overlord’ and they have recently written and recorded the soundtrack to upcoming anti-knife violence movie, '(K)nox - The Rob Knox Story'. Their energetic on-stage chemistry has led them to perform in New York, Italy and all over the UK, as well as supporting the legendary Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac. Remarked as having a ferocious attitude, Taxi Joe breath fire onto every stage with their aggressive lyrics and catchy riffs.