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Jack Conte — co-founder of Patreon and Pomplamoose — teams up with his high school buddy Ryan Lerman — Guitarist and Musical Director for the likes of Michael Bublé, John Legend, and Ben Folds, among others — to bring you pockets that are scary. 
 Four years after their first session, Scary Pockets have released over 200 videos that have been watched over 200 million times on YouTube, for over 450 million minutes. They've collaborated with Elise Trouw, Larry Goldings, Casey Abrams, India Carney, Cory Henry, James Gadson, Mario Jose, Cary Brothers, Peter Hollens, Darren Criss, Charles Jones, Julia Nunes, Kenton Chen, Antwaun Stanley, Judith Hill, Bruno Major, Reeve Carney, Joey Dosik, Derek Hough, Bill Wurtz, Theo Katzman and hundreds of other artists and musicians to bring you funk re-imaginings of familiar tunes every week.