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Intertwining savoury melodies with speculative lyrics, Jenny Biddle, wraps herself around her guitar, and like a marriage between body and instrument, she commands the guitar to talk “with uncommon skill and absolute self-assurance” (Syke, 2013). Her audience is compelled to join her on a voyage of passion and story in song. Currently based in sunny Scotland, the Aussie indie songsmith has handmade several acoustic guitars, plays a wicked blues harp, is a poignant pianist, has toured Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, and Germany, and has just won the Blues & Roots Radio International Song Contest 2020. Eight albums into her career, she fashions an eclectic mix of thought-provoking songs that give the feeling you’re in the company of an old friend. From the sweet lulls of folk, to her raunchier tunes, dirty blues grooves, and easy-going country flavours, she’s got a song for every mood, boldly confronting depression and anxiety and asking for your hand along the way. More info at Photos by Darren Clarke and Andrew Godfrey