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Kubuch is a lo-fi beats producer from Poland. His inspiration are old-school hip-hop beats. Heavy drums and roughly cut samples were something he fell in love with. His musical origins are associated with underground hip-hop artists. In 2017, he created the band Myśli.my with a rapper Trojan. On July 22, 2017, they performed together during the Wengroove Hip-Hop Festival. On October 20, 2020, he released his first lo-fi album - My Very First Album In 2021, he released several singles: 01-29-2021 - Long Days, Short Nights feat. Adam Dejnarowicz 02-26-2021 - Walking Through the Forest 03-24-2021 - Last important thing feat. Adam Dejnarowicz 05-07-2021 - Off the beaten track feat. Patryk Makać 07-30-2021 - Take a Stroll feat. Adam Dejnarowicz 08-24-2021 - What If...? 09-14-2021 - Simply Sunday feat. Adam Dejnarowicz released by Chill Quest Within a year of the first release, his work was listened by nearly 100k people from all over the world, and his beats was streamed almost 300k times. The artist is open-minded and always eager to cooperate with other artists even those, who make different music genres