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If you need a fix of riveting riffs, thumping grooves, luscious melodies and heavy, stoner-inspired rock n’ roll: Suncraft is just what you’re looking for. Let this quartet from the underground scene of Oslo, Norway seduce you. Let them bring you into their solipsistic realm of gloom – where the songs are playfully constructed and lyrically explore themes of loneliness, spirituality, greed and conspiracy. It’s easy to get hooked on this soulfully brewed pot of rock extravagance. Since late 2017, Suncraft have played their fair share of club shows in the nooks and crannies of Norway, honing the craft of playing explosively energetic concerts. After having released their 2019 EP, Saigon, the live performances abruptly ended in March 2020. Turning the blow of the pandemic into a positive, the boys put all their efforts into writing their debut album, Flat Earth Rider, which is now set for a summer 2021 release. As soon as the world is safe enough, Suncraft will hit the road again and bring their unique flavour of rock n’ roll to a growing audience!