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 How do you keep yourself happy and resilient in a world full of (apparent) perfection? 
 SOLIDARITY; break through your negative patterns, In an era in which our ego and individualism prevail, we demand the maximum from ourselves. We want to grow, achieve goals and get the most out of our lives. We work harder, set the bar higher than ever and we compare ourselves with the greatest. 
 Yet the drive for perfection also has a downside. We only see the beautiful peak moments around us, but we also see the deep valleys and the misery that you sometimes have to get through to where you want to be? When we compare our lives with those of others, our own lives sometimes seem far from perfect. Because of this we live more and more in our head and less in the now. Negative patterns arise that prevent us from growing and really enjoying what lies ahead. 
 Solidarity is about breaking through these negative patterns. The burden that you can experience with eternal doubts about decisions, living in your comfort zone and being stuck in the past. Sometimes you don’t even realize it, but it hinders your further development. Break through the patterns so that you can continue to grow in your life. Become solidarity again … towards yourself.