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The origins of Kevin Follet, multi-instrumentalist and experimental electronic artist, have their roots in the Verona (ITA) area. The seed was planted back in 1992 with the first experiences in the electronic music world but its path has been the most varied and complex: first DJ, then producer, drummer, keyboard player, sound designer and only recently also "builder" of electroacoustic instruments. His music can be defined as "crepuscular", the dark and obscure tones are predominant in his compositions, with connotations between the delicate, the abrasive and the infected. A fundamental characteristic of KF is the reluctance to restrictions, to be able to freely explore the sound panoramas without any preconception or direction of any sort is fundamental for him. His compositional approach is in fact visceral, at times mystical and archaic, not influenced by aesthetic canons and predefined goals. The unknown has always had a strong influence on his music as well as all that is unusual and out of the ordinary. The immense curiosity, the scientific imprinting and the transversality of his knowledge, allowed him to generate a wide range of sound experiences.