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Hey Guys! The name is Shawn Dall. I am a canadian artist/musician/writer/spiritual teacher. You can find all info on me at in the about section, as well as my art on that page. Feel free to buy some of my art! I have been making music since 2003. My styles range from videogame music to ambient, classical, pop, techno, trance, goa, psytrance classic rock and even industrial. Fellow musicians like me are ParagonX9, F-777, WaterFlame, Env, Dj-Nate, B0UNC3, FlashBurn Online I go by chronamut. My independent label which I own is Sonic Disc Productions - hence the SD on all of my images. It is also the initials of my name - Shawn Dall. I was probably best known for my presence on the site, but now all my music will be going on here, slowly remastered and re-released over time. I just released an album called "Chronamut: The Final Fantasy - vol. 1" - all my final fantasy remastered remixes to date - check it on my playlist of all my work: This playlist will always have my newest releases at the top of it. Join here to join my fan discord: Soundcloud: Blog: Art: Contact: Want to be added to my curated playlists? Go here: