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Through her fierce yet humble approach, Alexia Chambi continues to create music on her own terms, with intimate songwriting and delicate productions, that invites her audience to land safely in her carefully crafted bed of music. Alexia's curiosity to understand how multi-faceted life can be, has led her on long trips through Europe and South America, and landed her in London for two years. In her diary-like lyricism, she explores not only personal but universally relatable human experiences and emotions, while she draws on musical inspiration from a wide range of genres and cultures. After releasing a string of singles in 2020 that gained attention in both Denmark and internationally, she is now ready to release her most ambitious project yet, the EP 'I blossom while I cry.' First single 'blood between my thighs' will be released 28th of May 2021. The record speaks up against an outdated view of women and with a soft and strong-willed approach, it calls on a future where femininity and masculinity can co-exist as equally valuable and powerful.