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CLOSER out Oct 19! “If you have been fortunate to see Jason live then you probably don't need to read much further, if not, then go soon just so you can say in years to come ‘I saw him in the early days.’ I first heard Jason play live 2 years ago and it was an experience that I will never forget. When hairs that you did not even realize you had start standing on end you know that you are hearing and seeing something special. I say seeing because for me, listening to Jason is not enough. When you watch him perform you realize how much meaning his music and lyrics have, and when an artist can suck you into their world and allow you to understand their emotions through their sound and expressions, I believe that the musical experience is far more enriching. Jason's sound although unique has roots in his love for Motown and Soul. Bill Withers and Otis Redding make up his favorites, but I believe that he relates to them, not necessarily through the style of music they play, but through the soul and often emotional pain in their voices. It is both strange and pleasantly surprising to hear a singer that can hit the top notes in his range without losing the emotion that the note requires. So I finish how I started, I urge you to go and see Jason now, before all the masses, so that you can get close to him, so that you can hear his unique sound in a small room with only a few people around, because at the heart of it, Jason's music will touch you on a personal level.” –Motti Coleman