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Guitarist Singer/Songwriter Rique Colón revamps into Latin Pop music. His new approach is a result of twelve years of an active music career that helped him reshape his sound into a more rock oriented approach. Amuleto, combines a Latin retro rock feel with powerful pop ballads and catchy melodies all framed on a profound Spanish lyric songwriting. After concluding his music studies at Berklee College of Music in 2005, Rique began his first production, Sentido Tropical fusing Afro-Puerto Rican rhythms with Bossa Nova and Pop elements. This recording opened a vast opportunity of performances that keeps Rique very active in the present. Amuleto, will be his most recent independent project, which he feels very optimistic to take his music into new experiences. Amuleto, Rique's recent album, features musician friends such as Nomar Negroni (Drums), Andrés Rotmistrovksy (Bass), Uziel Colón (Piano), Ito Serrano (Acoustic Guitars), Johann Frank (Electric Guitars), JP Mourao (Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Mandolin), Ramón Stagnaro (Nylon Guitar), Walter Rodríguez (Percussion), Enzo Villaparedes (Trumpet), Humberto Ruíz (Trombone), Joel Nuñez (Tenor Sax), Nicolás Sorín (String Section Conductor), and Rique Colón (Vocals and Acoustic Guitars). Also, Francisco Hurtado de Mendoza and Daniel Aguilar as Recording Engineers, Mixing by Benny Faccone and Mastering by Tom Baker. All photographs and art by Raisa Bonnet.