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JANIECK “Today I got a million, tomorrow I don’t know” Singer-songwriter and guitar soloist Janieck, first known for his worldwide hit ‘Reality’ alongside Lost Frequencies, is currently bridging the gap between dance and pop music in his very own style. At the age of 14 Janieck showcased his songwriting talent with the first song he recorded, entitled “A Better Man”. This song is about taking chances and driving personal change, giving an early insight into his style and character that would define Janieck’ s success as a singer-songwriter in the years that would follow. Looking at the musical body of work of Janieck, it may not come as a surprise that he is a great admirer of artists like John Mayer and Ed Sheeran. But not many people would expect him to be inspired by My Chemical Romance, Greenday and Enya. They all have one thing in common; when you strip down the songs of these artists, all that remains are simple melodies that stick to the mind and inspire. On stage Janieck performs with electronic producer and DJ Julius, and the Dutch guitarist Laura providing an energetic and vibrant live show, while also getting close and intimate with the largest of audiences. The music video of the single “Maybe” by Janieck x BUNT. showcases one of their live shows.