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Marta Knight is a young singer-songwriter from Barcelona. At just 20 years old, she is already becoming a musical revelation. With just one EP to date, Peterloo Heroes (2017), Marta has already captivated many listeners. She has performed at over thirty theaters and festivals. With a moving voice and an amazing ability to compose extraordinary melodies, Marta Knight balances between the most contemporary folk and the most cadenced and introspective lo-fi indie rock. In other words, her songs would sit comfortably in a playlist that also features Julien Baker, Sharon Van Etten, Townes Van Zandt, Kurt Vile,

and Oasis. Her new single "Resurrection" talks about insecurities, worries and the search of answers to unnecessary questions. The song wants to capture the feeling of realizing that things are more simple than they seem. It goes further than the intimate folk that we are used to. With references of Mac DeMarco, Declan McKenna or The Kooks, Marta Knight explores a "chill and carefree" side, incorporating new sounds in her songwriting. Marta does this without abandoning her characteristic style while she keeps working on what will be her first full-length album. It will be released in 2020.