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  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    Give Up
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    Hot Coffee
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    Sad Boys - All I Wanna Do
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Age: 82 (divided by 4 so we’ve still got youthful complexions)
Hometown: Chez (Chesterfield)
Hobbies: Reverb, anthemic choruses, riffology.
About us: We have a good sense of humour, enjoy long walks to the nearest indie pop disco + we’re very sweet (especially when it comes to our sweet, sweet tone).
Our friends describe us as rocking, kings of the riff, indie dreamboats + slacker-glitter-teenage pop which we completely agree with but we'd rather just be known as TRASH, the band that changed pop music.
Yes, we know that sounds cheesy but with our sweet tone, ear for melody & Twitterbility (Twitter ability) we truly believe we can make a difference to the world of indie pop. Maybe make it dream indie pop again.
The one thing we wish people would notice about us is that we're really sad but also really happy in a really complex way which is really hard to understand unless you really listen to our music & think about the lyrics really hard. Like really, really hard.
We think true love is about connecting with someone on a deep level at a TRASH show. If you check our site you'll find a list of live dates where you can find true love with us or another fan of stadium rocking teenage pop.


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