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DREAM | CREATE | INSPIRE During the early hours, just before the sun breaks over the horizon -- that is when Reed Krafft is struck by inspiration. Since boyhood, the Denver-based artist better known as Dreamers Delight has treated the moments between sleep and wakefulness as an opportunity for exploration. His euphoric, synth-laced stylings, which have landed him a new label home with Nettwerk Records, offer a trippy departure from the sentient world. Galvanized by the visions he encounters in his sleep, as well as the locations that energize him in life, Krafft’s atmospheric cuts meld the unbridled sounds of nature, technology and ethereal entities. Each listen is a multi-sensory sonic experience that blooms and bursts with raw emotion, and each performance is an invitation to taste sweet escape. We all have unrealized possibilities. We all dream and have the ability to change the world. Let this music help influence and inspire you to reach into the farthest depths of the universe and feel something powerful, meaningful, and impactful. Let's dream together. DREAM | CREATE | INSPIRE