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Deep blue eyes and an exotic side from elsewhere, Evi Orosz invites you to discover her universe through her sensual voice. 
 Along with dance and gymnastics, music has always been her passion. It’s now part of her life! 
 From a young age Evi’s ears have been soothed by the sound of Beethoven’ symphonies or Chopin’s concertos. At the age of 4 her hands can’t stop moving and the sound of the piano fills their little house. She is working hard to tame this complex and magic instrument. At the age of 18 Evi finishes her education by the concerto n°4 of Beethoven, surrounded by a symphonic orchestra, which develops her the taste for the show and stage. 
 One day with luck she meets an incredible vocal coach Gabriel who has brought her to another world. 
 Evi now decides to take up a new challenge by becoming a singer-songwriter and composer. The songs spirit and inspirations are based on her view of society and frequent travels around the globe to places like Australia, New-Zealand, French Polynesia, Namibia and Corsica. Artists like Michael Jackson, Emeli Sandé, Sam Smith, Sia, Adele, London grammar, Coldplay, Alicia Keys are another source of inspiration for her. She composes naturally on the piano in collaboration with her producer Guy Waku. Their creations are pop music based but explore different genres from soul to funk, RnB, electro, with a cinematographic touch.