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Added Color is a Brazilian-American rock band from Brooklyn, New York, with a message of empowerment and the muscle to bring the message home. 
 From their first EP in 2017 (Psycho) to their most recent (if you had it all), Added Color have stashed their heavy and urgent themes (personal, political, and more) within diverse music (hard rock, funk, alt, world) that’s instantly appealing – yet increasingly involving each and every time it’s heard. 
 This same authenticity found in the recording studio blazes in their dynamic live shows, whether in the most D.I.Y. venues of underground New York, on tour, or on the largest festival stages. They have performed live on major tours throughout the U.S., Canada, and beyond. Added Color have toured Morocco four times with multiple dates each time, and in the Freibergs’ native Brazil have played many shows, including some at the largest venues (e.g. the Porão do Rock, host of headliners such as Muse and others). The Monsters of Rock Festival officially nominated them as one of the top five upcoming Brazilian rock bands. 
 Added Color’s earful lands big with all audiences in every venue: Respect each other; be yourself; define yourself. That’s what they do, and that’s what their music does for the audience.