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Hanna Mia (Iceland/Sweden) is a performing artist, singer-songwriter comparable to the likes of Norah Jones, Laura Marling and Carla Bruni. For the releases of her song-a-day-project 2018/2019 she performed under the artist name Mill, but she’s currently active under her name Hanna Mia. She released her first EP ‘Banana Tree’ in 2011, her debut album ‘Out of Water’ in 2014, and her latest EP called ‘Winter Songs’ was released december 4th, 2020. 
 Drawing on her Icelandic and Swedish heritage Hanna Mia brings a unique cultural mix of expression to her audiences, writing and performing in several languages. With heartwarming humor and great storytelling she brings joy to the crowds during her performances. 
 www.instagram.com/hannamiamusic www.hannamia.com