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Swedish Tronikk is a nu jazz soul outfit bringing together modern cut and paste music making techniques with real playing by great musicians. Charlie Granberg, lead vocals in rock band Hellsingland Underground and painter/design artist, has joined Tronikk on vocals and head of lyrics and design. Fredrik Hermansson on Fender Rhodes. The result is dreamy neo soul jazz. Charlie Granberg about “Up Close Like a Fender Rhodes”: ”I haven’t really done that many collaborations with other bands and projects in the past, and Tronikk is very different kinda music compared to what I normally do with Hellsingland Underground. However, when Tronikk sent me the basic track with the call to write lyrics and a song melody, around the title ”Up Close Like A Fender Rhodes” I immediately got inspired. It was like a movie playing in my head. A sort of Charles Bukowski character walking dirty and barefoot through Stockholm on a hot summer day, to get to a long lost lover, and tell her that he still loves her.”