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„I’m a simple man“, says Tim Vantol. How would he know? „Because I’m neither the best musician nor the best songwriter on the planet. There are a million people on earth who can play guitar or control their voice way better than I do. But really it’s like with abstract paintings: You can always find somebody who says: ‚I could have done that.’ Yeah – but they didn’t!“ This pretty much sums up the attitude Tim Vantol has been known to stand for – and which is all but abstract. For years, the Amsterdam-born rock troubadour has been wowing an ever-increasing audience with the sort of music that makes you want to grab a motorcycle, throw away the helmet and then drive at a speed that makes you feel alive for once. There are lots of „roads“ and „homes“ in his songs, but really they’re all about the excitement of the distance inbetween. If you feel you have to hang on to something you might as well look to Tim’s voice which is sturdy and trustworthy in the same way your favourite sun-warmed towel is after a swim in a cool mountain lake.